About Us

The Organization
Government of Rajasthan established the Rural Non Farm Development Agency (RUDA) in November 1995 as an exclusive agency to promote the rural micro-enterprises in the State. Its primary mandate is to:
  • Create alternative avenues of employment.
  • Generate incremental incomes.
RUDA is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1958 giving it a certain autonomy and flexibility in its functioning. Over the last 14 years, RUDA has evolved as an innovative, creative and a highly professional agency to achieve its daunting but challenging mandate.
The Approach
RUDA is perhaps the only agency of its kind, promoting rural micro enterprises on sub-sectoral basis. Initially, 3 sub-sectors viz. Leather, Wool & Minor-Minerals (Stone, Ceramics and Pottery) had been identified. During the 10th Five Year Plan three new Sub-Sectors namely Handicraft, Khadi & Village Industries and Handloom have been added. RUDA works through a cluster based approach. It adopts a truly integrated strategy to promote the sector and all its interventions are based on the felt needs of the producers. Among others, RUDA’s package of interventions include:
  • Project 1
  • Capacity audit of artisan clusters
  • Identifying operational constraints
  • organizing artisans
  • Microfinance for SHGs and CIGs
  • Microenterprise development
  • Skill development training
  • Technology dissemination
  • Design support
  • Product development
  • Credit facilitation
  • Market facilitation
Organization Structures
The management of RUDA is vested in its Governing Board appointed by the State Government. Official members from the State Government include heads of various State corporations, financial institutions etc.