Rajasthan Financial Corporation

Brief Note relating to Vigilance Section

In compliance to the directions of Government of India and State Government, the Corporation created Vigilance Section to attend to the complaints received from different corners. This Section is headed by Executive Director of the Corporation who also acts as Chief Vigilance Officer of the corporation. The executive Director is assisted by Deputy General Manager (Vigilance).Like any other institution, RFC also has a well knit hierarchy with due delegation of powers at different levels. Function of Vigilance starts where there is abuse of powers or complaints are received from Govt./employees/public.

Key Functions:

1.      To process all complaints received regarding working of the Corporation whether in Head Office or in the field Offices and to submit factual note to ED/CMD for decision on conducting PE or call factual report to issue Memo/charge sheet to the concerning erring officials following the provisions of RFC (Staff) Regulations, 1958 and the CCA rules of the State.

2.      After receipts of PE reports or reply of Memo, further necessary action is taken as per norms.

3.      To take necessary action on the basis of observations of audit, and other sections, if ordered by the CMD on serious  complaints/events.

4.      To provide necessary assistance to the Enquiry Officer.

5.      Surprise inspections as per guidelines issued by Chief Secretary, Government of Rajasthan.


As per directions/orders of ED/CMD, a complaint is registered in vigilance section. So registered complaints are processed by calling factual report, and if deemed proper, by order of ED/CMD PE/DE is conducted in respect to said complaint and then disposed off by way of either penalizing the delinquent if found guilty in said PE/DE or the matter closed if no any material substance are found in said complaint, as per directions of ED/CMD. The principal of NATURAL JUSTICE is always followed in every complaint.