Where to Approach/Contact

RFC has network of 14 Branch offices and one Facilitation Centre in the State . You may discuss your project with our Branch Managers and submit your application to the concerned Branch in whose jurisdiction you propose to set up your industrial unit. 

How to Apply

We have prescribed following application forms for different types of loans.

General Application Forms

For Good Borrowers Schemes

Please ascertain correct application form relating to your project.

Where to obtain forms:

Application forms are available at prescribed prices in all the Branch Offices of the Corporation. It would be better if you discuss your project with our Branch Manager while obtaining the application form.

Application fee

Loan application is accepted with loan application fee. The required fee calculated on the following scale:

Loan application fee structure w.e.f. 15.06.2005.


Amount of loan applied for

Application fee


i) From Rs. 2,00,001/- to Rs. 5.00 lacs

Rs. 400/-

ii) Exceeding Rs. 5.00 lacs

0.1% (i.e. Rs. 100 for every lakhs of loan applied or part thereof)


In case of projects received from Banks/FIs for appraisal, the application fee shall be charged @ 0.25% of the project cost


In case of self financed cases for subsidy / any other purpose, the application fee shall be charged @ 0.25% of the project cost. 

Loan application fee structure w.e.f. 15.06.2005


1.    The Loan application fee shall be charged 50% in case of SC/ST entrepreneurs, physically disabled persons, and women entrepreneurs ( for loans upto Rs. 5.0 lacs) if they have approached for grant of loan under the Special Scheme meant for them.

2.    It is possible that in some cases RFC may engage services of outside persons/ consultants for obtaining expert advice and report. In such cases any sum paid by the Corporation for such reports if exceeds 0.1% of the amount applied/project cost, then that excess amount shall have to be borne by the party itself.

3.      The service tax/ education cess shall be extra as applicable from time to time.

Application's Processing

Your application for assistance will be registered by the Branch of our Corporation. Preliminary processing of your application would be done by the branch which will ensure the availability and accuracy of all documents. 

Structure of processing charges to be deposited before convey of sanction.

I. Processing charges in loans sanctioned cases:



Range of Loan amount sanctioned

% of  Loan amount sanctioned


Upto Rs. 5.00 lacs



Above Rs. 5.00 lacs and upto Rs.100.00 lacs



Above Rs. 100.00 lacs and upto Rs.1000.00 lacs



Above Rs. 1000.00 lacs




Govt. levies such as Service Tax & Education Cess are applicable from time to time shall also be charged.


II-Processing charges in Good Borrower Schemes:




Name of the Scheme

% of  Loan amount sanctioned


Card Schemes (Gold Card & Platinum)



Other Good Borrowers Scheme



Upto Rs. 10.00 lacs



Above Rs. 10.00 lacs and upto Rs.1000.00 lacs



Above Rs. 1000.00 lacs




Govt. levies such as Service Tax & Education Cess applicable from time to time shall also be charged.

Documents required with the Application

Your application and documents enclosed therewith form the basis of our appraisal. Therefore, please ensure that complete documents, information required by us are furnished to us with the loan application itself. For your guidance, an elaborate checklist of the documents/information required by us is given in "ENCLOSURES" with application form. Please check and tick this list carefully.

List of documents  that should accompany the loan application form submission of which is mandatory for the application to be taken up for consideration : 




Bio-data of each promoter as in Annexure-A (A-1, A-2, A-3………..) and Annexure AA (AA-1, AA-2, AA-3…………..), including proof of residential address, Income Tax PAN)


Statement of Net worth of each promoter as in Annexure – B (B-1, B-2, B-3………..) including copies of title documents of immovable properties).


Affidavit, as in Annexure – C (C-1, C-2, C-3………..),  regarding financial assistance availed  and  details of  immovable properties owned by each promoter as in Annexure AA..


Copy of  balance sheet /  audited balance sheet and Profit & Loss account for last 3 years of applicant company / concern and  sister companies / concerns.


Copies of Income tax returns filed, with computation-sheet, for last three assessment years for each promoter,  separately.


Documents regarding land:


For lease hold Land

Copies of allotment letter / Lease deed,  with site plan and documents showing chain of transfer of ownership / lease. Also, copies of receipts of lease money.


For converted Land   

Copies of sale deed / mutation entry in revenue record, trace map conversion order / lease deed with duly approved site plan showing “aam rasta”. Copy of receipt of conversion charges.                               


For Freehold Land

Patta / Sale deed with chain of transfer of title documents & site plan. NOC from local authorities regarding permission to set up the proposed project.  Copy of resolution passed by Gram Panchayat.




Building plan for the  proposed building.


Project report alongwith the details of scope of products, and demand and supply position.


If the applicant is a partnership firm :

Partnership deed / Supplementary Partnership deed alongwith firm registration certificate and  entry U/s 67 of the Indian Partnership Act, consent of all partners authorizing  one partner to sign the application for, submit the documents with the application form, and to represent the firm before the RFC.



If the applicant is company :

i) Certificate of incorporation and Memorandum & Article of Association.

ii) Prospectus   & certificate of commencement of business ( in case of  Public Limited Company)

iii) Form No. 32 for incoming  and outgoing directors.

iv) Share holding pattern.

v) Copy of resolution duly approved by board of directors of the company  for one of them to sign the application, to  submit the documents with the application form, and to represent the Company before the RFC.


Entrepreneur Memorandum Number for MSME.


i)Quotations for purchase of plant and machinery from reputed suppliers.

ii) List of other clients where the supplier has affected sale of same / similar plant and machineries.





List of other documents that the applicant is required  to furnish to enable detailed appraisal of the loan application.


S. No.



Technical details :

i)   Details of capacity / technical specifications of machines proposed to be acquired.

ii)   Sales tax numbers, catalogue, price list etc. of the supplier. 

iii)   Performance certificate from existing users of similar plant & machinery supplied by proposed supplier.

iv)   Reasons for selection of proposed supplier  (undertaking to be taken in prescribed  proforma)

v)    Document that support the prices of raw material and sale price of finished  goods stated in the project report.

vi)   Details of technical expertise which will be  available to the unit for manufacturing the proposed product.


Search report  from Registrar of Companies in respect of for existing directors of the company and charge on the company, if any.


If amount of loan being sought is more than Rs. 50.00 lacs, report from CIBIL in respect of each promoters, their companies / concerns / sister concerns.


Others :


i)      Approved building map,  if required.


ii)     Implementation schedule of the project.


iii)   Proof regarding SC/ ST/ Ex-serviceman/ physically handicapped, if applicable.


iv)    NOC from  the local authority  to set up the proposed project. ( as per rules of local authority concerned)


v)     Consent to establish or  consent  to operate, as the case may be, from RPCB.


vi)     Environment clearance, if applicable.


vii)   Power assurance letter from power company in case unit is  to be set up in other than RIICO Industrial Area.


viii) Any other statutory clearance / NOC necessary for the project to be commissioned.


Procedure for obtaining Financial Assistance

Your application seeking financial assistance would be registered by the Branch. Once the application is received the same would be preliminary scrutinized and you would be required to appear before the project clearance and consultative committee (PC&CC) at Head Office or Internal Processing Committee (IPC) at Branch Office depending upon quantum of loan. The PC&CC/IPC grants prima facie clearance after discussing the proposal with the promoters to ascertain their capability to set up and run the unit successfully, also ensuring that the proposal is within the parameters of the policy guidelines. A detailed technical and financial appraisal follows and the proposal is submitted to the concerned sanctioning authority. Once the loan is sanctioned, the promoters have to execute the legal documents and submit all the required information/documents, licenses, certificates etc. The entire promoter's contribution has to be raised by the promoters before disbursement commences.

Average time taken for Processing of Loan Application

In case of complete loan application, it is placed before the Project Clearance & Consultative Committee (PC&CC)/ Internal Processing Committee (IPC) for clearance in principle normally within 15 working  days of receipt of loan application at HO/ BO as the case may be. This fact is well known to entrepreneurs. Applications for loans are normally disposed off within 60 days, however our endeavor is to see that loan application is disposed off preferably within 30 days. Applications pending for more than thirty days are reviewed by the PC&CC and delays are minimized. Response and cooperation in furnishing the required documents and replying to our queries quickly by applicants/ promoters are deciding factors for disposal of loan applications within the time framework.