Water Resources

There are many important projects running in the state which are aiming towards the optimum utilization of water resourses.The main development objectives of the Rajasthan Water Sector Restructuring project (RWSRP) are to:

Strengthen the capacity for strategic planning and sustainable development and management of surface and groundwater resources in Rajasthan.

Increase the productivity of irrigated agriculture.


There are two main project components. The first component supports the creation of a State Water Resources Planning Department (SWRPD) responsible for planning and regulation and ensuring consistency of implementation of basin plans across departments, th e restructuring and capacity building of the irrigation department, and the strengthening of the capacity of the Environment Policy Planning Unit ; the modernization of management information systems in the water sector departments; the piloting of community-based institutions for more sustainable groundwater management and the reinforcement of the data collection and technical capacity of the ground water department; the establishment of a farmer owned and managed water utility; and information, education, and communication campaigns. 

The second component centers on raising irrigated agricultural productivity, water use efficiency, and irrigation system performance through greater participation of users in systems operations and management, increased cost recovery, and improved agricultural support services delivery.other important projects are Desalination Project, Matasukh - Setting up of 300 crores-brackish water desalination plant, at Kasnau-Matasukh lignite mines, Nagaur, on DBOOT basis is underway. The treated water conforming to WHO standards will be supplied to the water deficient villages in and around Nagaur. The payment shall be based on the water processed and supplied at ex works. Water distribution will be the responsibility of RSMML in association with local authorities and PHED.