Call Of Motherland

Welfare of motherland

Rajasthan Foundation is a platform for connecting Rajasthanis based in India and abroad to their home land.The world is witnessing a calamity of epic proportions due to Covid 19 epidemic. As the corona virus spreads, we have to gear up and protect our people in Rajasthan from potential devastation. Government of Rajasthan under leadership of Hon'ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan Shri Ashok Gehlot has set up Chief Minister Relief Fund Covid 19 Mitigation Fund to receive help from public. For fellow Rajasthanis, this is the time to contribute towards welfare of their homeland. Let us get together to fight the virus. Together ,we can come out of the crisis. Interested people, organizations, NRR associations, philanthropists etc. can contribute and support by making donations to this CM's Relief Fund. All contributions towards CM's Relief Fund are exempt from Income Tax. Your donation to this fund will support immediate and long-term relief and recovery in vulnerable communities during one of the most challenging times we have collectively faced. To get more details for donations to Chief Ministers Relief Find Covid 19 Mitigation Fund  click here