Call of Motherland

Rajasthanis have been great achievers in almost all the fields and sectors especially industrial and economic. The Indian Diaspora spans the globe and stretches across all the oceans and continents. It is so widespread that the sun never sets for the Indian Diaspora. Their industry, enterprise, economic strength, educational standards and professional skills are widely acknowledged. The Non Resident Indians live in different countries, speak different languages and are engaged in different vocations. What gives them their common identity is their Indian origin, consciousness of their cultural heritage and deep attachment to India.

The Indian Diaspora has established itself as entrepreneurs, workers, traders, teachers, researchers, inventors, doctors, lawyers, engineers, managers & administrators, which is an important factor in India's relations with other countries. The Diaspora population is playing significant role in strengthening India's relations with other countries.

The Diaspora has contributed greatly in the fields of education, health, investment in industry, IT, infrastructure and power in their state. We invite the Diaspora to associate in the socio-economic development of Rajasthan.