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Updation date : 28/04/2017                                                                                                                      Updation Frequency : As when require6




Hosting Date

47 Online receipt of land allotment applications for allotment of Industrial Plots in RIICO Industrial Areas 27.12.2016 28.12.2016
46 Action plan to Organize Special Drive for Redressal of Grievance and Disposal of pending works of entrepreneurs at Unit Offices 26.12.2016 26.12.2016
45 To Organize Special Drive for Redressal of Grievance and Disposal of pending works of entrepreneurs at Unit Offices 26.12.2016 26.12.2016
44 To ensure availability of un-allotted vacant plot before inviting sealed bids for its allotment through auction 08.11.2016 09.11.2016
43 Circular : PUC of Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha year 2015-16 04.11.2016 09.11.2016
42 Regarding allotment of development land to Khatedars 28.10.2016 03.11.2016
41 Unit Offices redistributed to the Legal Officers 17.10.2016 17.10.2016
40 To ensure issuance of Demand Notice to the allottees of industrial areas for deposition of Economic Rent and Service Charges 01.09.2016 01.09.2016
39 Recommendation of the PUC of Rajasthan Assembly year 2015-16 16.08.2016 17.08.2016
38 Circular: To ensure demarcation of plot at site and verification of area of plot before allotment 27.07.2016 28.07.2016
37 Deletion of one provision of Building Regulations (Form 'E') of RIICO Disposal of Land Rules, 1979 relating to requirement of inspection of construction activity during the construction period 19.07.2016 21.07.2016
36 EIA notification of Industrial Area Bap, Jodhpur 15.07.2016 15.07.2016
35 Amendment in the existing provision in the rule related to exemption of transfer fee in cases of transfer of allotted plot being affected on account of amalgamation of two companies 28.06.2016 29.06.2016
34 Partial amendment in the existing provision of Rule 3(W) of RIICO Disposal of Land Rules, 1979 28.06.2016 29.06.2016
33 Relaxing the minimum constructed area reqirement as prescribed in the rules (Rule 21) for Paper Board Industries 28.06.2016 29.06.2016
32 To extend the Special Scheme for allowing upfront rebate in rate of allotment for setting up industries in non-saturated industrial areas envisaging investment of Rs. 100 crores and above for the financial year 2016-17 28.06.2016 29.06.2016
31 Amendment in lease Agreement Form 'C&D' along with insertion of new condition regarding applicability of Service Tax 28.06.2016 29.06.2016
30 Amendment in payment schedule for conversion charges to be levied for change in land use of allotted plots 28.06.2016 29.06.2016
29 Clarification regarding levy of Security Deposit from the transferee in whose favour lease hold right are transferred after utilization of allotted plot 27.06.2016 27.06.2016
28 Procedure for approval of Building Plan-amendment 14.06.2016 15.06.2016
27 Online Building Plan Approval System under "Smart Raj Project" launched 14.06.2016 15.06.2016
26 To resolve conflicts related to land use and compliance of Building Regulations 14.06.2016 15.06.2016
25 Clarification regarding mandate of inspection of Industrial Building as per provisions of Building Regulations. 14.06.2016 15.06.2016
24 Amendment in the existing provision in the rules related to grant time extension for commencement of production without payment of retention charges in case where land allotted in undeveloped industrial areas 31.05.2016 31.05.2016
23 Partial amendment in point No.4 (iii) in the Circular regarding execution and registration of duplicate Lease Agreement in case where original lease agreement/deed is lost/missing and is not traceable and transfer of lease hold rights in favour of the purchaser of the plot 30.05.2016 31.05.2016
22 Partial amendment in existing Rule 3(S)(c) of RIICO Disposal of Land Rules, 1979 regarding transfer of residential plot in residential colonies 27.05.2016 27.05.2016
21 Partial amendment in the existing policy for sub-letting of allotted industrial plot 27.05.2016 27.05.2016
20 Precedure for approval of Building plan                                                                   Annexure 24.05.2016 25.05.2016
19 Prescribed time for disposal of applications received for allotment of land, approval of building plan an water connections 24.05.2016 25.05.2016
18 Risk based classification of buildings 24.05.2016 25.05.2016
17 To resolve disagreements/contradicions relaed to land and construction permissions/approval of building plans 24.05.2016 25.05.2016
16 Policy for issuane of NOC of the Corporation to mortgage the lease deed of land allottd to ETP Trust/SPV on token prie of Rs.1/- for availing assistane 26.05.2016 26.05.2016
15 To ensure timely reimbursement of production incentive/additional rebate due to big investment 20.05.2016 20.05.2016
14 EIA Notification of various industrial areas dated 14.09.2016 under Category 'A' and/or Category 'B' 18.05.2016 18.05.2016
13 Circular: The matters related to the recovery of land dues from the puchaser of assets under liquidation 16.05.2016 17.05.2016
12 Circular : To ensure compliance of conditions stipulated in Consent to Establish / Consent to Operate for industrial areas issued by RSPCB 02.05.2016 03.05.2016
11 Implementation of Rainwater Harvesting System (RWHS) in the plots allotted in RIICO industrial areas 12.04.2016 12.04.2016
10 Physical verification of land of old industrial areas 11.04.2016 12.04.2016
9 Clarification with regard to levy of security deposit from the allottees of non-industrial plots 05.04.2016 05.04.2016
8 Revised policy for allotment of land for setting-up of warehousing & logistics and partial amendment in the provisions related to change in land use from Industrial to Warehouse 01.03.2016 01.03.2016
7 Policy for allotment of land to provide "Plug & Play" facility 01.03.2016 01.03.2016
6 Amendment in Terms & Conditions and parameters for permitting laying of OFC Cables including crection of Ground Based Mast (GBMs) in RIICO Industrial Areas (including the transferred areas)  05.02.2016 08.02.2016
5 Clarification with regard to minimum built up area requirement for the purpose of consideration utilization of the allotted individual housing plot 03.02.2016 03.02.2016
4 Regarding adoption trees nearby Parks, Gardens, Circles, Roads etc at Industrial Areas and/or Residential Colony 01.03.2016 03.02.2016
3 Delegation of Powers during 15.01.2016 to 15.02.2016 "Special Drive" for Redressal of Grievances and Disposal of pending matters of Entrepreneurs at Unit Offices 04.01.2016 05.01.2016
2 Partial amendment in various provisions of RIICO Disposal of Land Rules, 1979 04.01.2016 05.01.2016
1 Partial amendment in Rule 23-C of RIICO Disposal of Land Rules, 1979 04.01.2016 05.01.2016