1.      Instruction to bidders for online submission of e-tender (.pdf file)


2.     Contract Agreement (.pdf file) Page No. 1-6 7-17 18-24

3.     Office Orders

3.1.       Accepting bank gurantee also in lieu of security deposit being deducted from the running bills.

3.2.       Validity period of tenders/bids

3.3       Circular Regarding contractor/tenderer (L1)

3.4       Various changes in Contract Agreement/Tender Documents

3.5.       Replace Clause-2 of the Contract Agreement

3.6.       Acceptance of EMD in the form of Bank Guarantee/Fixed Deposit Receipts

3.7.       Replacement of clause 37 of Contract Agreement

3.7       E-tendering for works costing Rs. 1.00 lac and above

4.  Driver for DSC issued by NIC (Download 14.7 MB file)